Camino Memories

Please enjoy some of the testimonies, pictures and videos along the Camino.  


“Walking became secondary to the beauty, calmness, food, and water we daily encountered along the way. I slowly understood, under the cover of love from my Redeemer, that Penance is not always a difficult Walk!”, 
~ Fran Lind, St Joseph, Lebanon, IN

“What a glorious site to enter the city at 7 am to go to Mass on St James Feast Day”,
~Desiree Stout, Charolette, SC

“Members of our group would lead in saying the rosary aloud as we walked some parts of each day. We stopped and prayed at several old churches in the small villages that we walked through. Walking through beautiful ancient rural landscapes gives one time to think about the important things in life.”
~ Kurt Wilson, Lafayette, IN