Portugal Camino & Fatima Pilgrimage

We are so Blessed to have Fr. Peter Lewitzke O.P. from St Thomas Aquinas, walking on this Portugese Coastal Camino.  We will spend 3 days in Fatima, followed by 9 days on the Camino, and spend time in Santiago.  

Join us as we walk, pray, and eat our way across the Camino where we will enjoy daily Mass, a dedicated Mass in Santiago, and see the end of the world. 

Buen Camino! 

Begin your pilgrimage in Fatima where countless others have gone before you to be in the physical space of the holy miracle at Fatima.  Asking the Virgin Mary for a spiritually fulfilling Camino makes for a great start to this amazing journey.  We will stay at the four-star Hotel Fátima directly across the street from the Sanctuary of Fátima.  In the evening we experience the awe-inspiring Procession of Our Lady of Fatima then attend Mass before we board the bus for our first stop on the Camino. 

 Our 9-day walking journey begins in A Guarda on the Atlantic coast.  We will wander through several historic medieval towns including Oia, Baiona, Pontevedra, and Padron.  Beautiful Romanesque bridges and delightful Galician meals fill our hearts and bodies along The Way.  Our final destination, Santiago, is a wonderful city where pilgrims unite and attend the Pilgrims Mass.  We will have a dedicated Mass for our group featuring the mighty Botafumerio swinging through the rafters of the Cathedral of Santiago. 

Enjoy the tranquility of wide-open views of the Atlantic Ocean on today’s gentle walk.  A midday stop in Oia to view the Monastery of Santa Maria de Oia inspires us to walk the final distance to Mougás for a dinner of grilled fish with Vinho Verde. 

Marvel at the Ría de Vigo bay, beautiful beaches, and sights like the Lighthouse of Cabo Sillerio and the 12th century Castle of Monte Real, now turned luxury hotel, until you reach Baiona.  This is the first port in Europe to be notified of the discovery of the Americas.  If you have time, wander the narrow streets of the old town of Baiona and enjoy the beaches and stunning views of the Cies Islands.  Stop for refreshment in the historic fountain of Fonte do Pombal as you walk the final 5km to our stop for the night in A Ramallosa. 

There are three options for routes today, but we will stay on the main “official” route to Vigo.  Urban sprawl surrounds you today with an increase in pavement, but there will still be awe-inspiring sights.  Stop in Nigrán to admire the Votive Temple of the Sea consecrated to the Virgin of the Sea.  It is one of few examples of German architecture in Galicia with nods to Gothic and Muslim influences. 

Welcome to our last day on the coastal route before we join the main Camino Portugués.  Push inland a bit but still enjoy the spectacular views of the Ría de Vigo throughout the day. 

Lush eucalyptus forests and quaint picnic spots dot your landscape today.  Climb the ancient stone road of the Verea Vella da Canicouva before stopping to admire the 13th-century Church of Santa Marta and its sweeping views of the Ría de Vigo.  Then enter Pontevedra ready to dine on some delicious Galician cuisine.

Say goodbye to Pontevedra as you cross over the Punte del Burgo bridge over the Lerez River.  Soak in the chestnut groves and take the 1.3km detour to visit the Barosa Waterfalls if you have the energy before arriving in the quaint spa town of Caldas de Reis. 

Take the bridge over the río Umia towards the fountain of hot spring water for which the town has been named since Roman times.  Appreciate a stroll through the woods as you wind past the hauntingly empty Monastery of Saint Mary of Cerracedo.  Our pine tree-lined path then takes us into Padrón, the first land sighted by the ship carrying St. James’ body. 

Motivation to finish and finally venerate at the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral will keep you moving through today’s path on increasingly built-up areas.  Visit the Sanctuary of Escravitude and the Alto de O Milladoriro, where for years pilgrims have kneeled upon their first view of the Cathedral.  Soon after, arrive at the historic center of Santiago and proceed to the famous Plaza del Obradoiro to mingle with pilgrims and gaze in wonder at the foot of the Cathedral. 

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